The story of Precision Signworks Inc.
2320 Saint Charles Road
Winterset, IA 50278
phone: 515-462-4229
After many years in the construction trades, my wife Teri and I decided it was time I did something else. I had always designed
and made hand-craft items of all types but I didn’t think I could generate enough income to support our family with just craft
related products. I thought about how over the years, I had made several hand crafted signs as a hobby giving them as gifts or to
generate extra income. Well we did live in a tourist area and I had plenty of experience and many ideas for signs. I could make
and sell. Maybe if we could purchase some basic sign equipment to cut vinyl, and make masks, it would be a good start for a full
time sign business.
My wife Teri and I talked about it, prayed over it, and in 1994 we made the decision to sacrifice a 3 acre lot in the mountains
for some start-up capitol. We then purchased a computer, sign design software, a plotter, a thermal digital printer and started
our full time sign business in a 320 square foot garage in Fraser, Colorado.
Our sign business grew and did very well in Ole Grand County Colorado. We got many opportunities and created some very
unique signage. We got to know some super people and lived in some beautiful surroundings. We also learned a great deal about
running a commercial sign business.
In 1998 we felt like we should move our family and our business to our home town in Winterset, Iowa. At first it seemed like
our move was a bad decision, it was a real struggle the first couple of years. The road hasn’t always been easy but we have stayed
our course. If you believe in something and stick to it I feel you can be successful. Success to us is not measured in dollars and
cents, it is a measured in satisfaction and commitment in what you do and how you do it.
In 2000 some good opportunities arose it was then that we incorporated and purchased a CNC router. The addition of this
technology brought with it many challenges, but also many rewards. There where new horizons to explore, it opened a whole
new arena to be creative in. CNC technology changed the way we look at signage and it is still a steadfast and viable component
of our company to this day.
As business grew we in turn had to grow. In 2006 we began an expansion project. We now have 4600 square foot facility
complete with a metal fabrication shop, a wood working shop, a CNC room, an assembly area and a 576 square foot office /
Another addition in 2006 was our Powder Coating System. With today’s environmental concerns and the need for a more
durable, cost effective finish, Powder Coating is rapidly becoming the future in finish. Powder Coating has a very unique
application in the sign industry and it sets us apart from our competitors. We are able to offer a full selection of color in
varying gloss range and textures. Powder Coating has been an excellent merge with the sign business, we no longer have to wait
for the paint to dry!
At Precision Signworks, Inc. it is our passion to create unique, tailor made signage to suit our client’s needs utilizing the latest
technology, quality materials & workmanship.
“Who you are, what you do, let Precision Signworks, Inc. create the right sign for you”

John P. Gambrall Jr.
Vice President
Precision Signworks Inc.
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